The secret of shopping mall lighting design!

More than a decade ago, major shopping malls almost did not make profits. Most of the bosses were “sit and count”, but now the times have changed. Many people are simply not willing to go out shopping.

Seeing zero sales every day, major shopping malls also started a series of actions, such as new products, buy one get one, organize events, etc., but the sales still did not increase much, but the cost continued to increase.

Most people may feel that no way, e-commerce to replace the traditional retail industry, this is the trend, but Xiaobian must tell you the facts, this is wrong!

The beautiful women who like to buy and buy are sure to be familiar with this place. It is the largest shopping mall in China with the highest sales: Beijing SKP Shin Kong Place.

Adhering to the concept of “fashion is an attitude”, Beijing SKP has not only innovated the global standard of the fashion luxury department store industry, but also redefined the definition of fashion luxury department store business, and established an innovative fashion lifestyle purpose for consumers. In 2016, it has reached nearly 10 billion sales!

What is the secret of Beijing SKP’s success? Why can it become Beijing’s most profitable shopping mall? Why do more and more discerning customers like to buy and buy here?

I think a large part of the reason is: shopping atmosphere.

Fashion is not a commodity. It is not a matter of material. It is a way of life. If you come here to experience it, you will feel the high fashion and high-end shopping atmosphere.

When it comes to the word “atmosphere,” you have to mention something… and yes, that’s what we’ve always talked about: lighting!

Lights can enhance the beauty of objects, enhance the display of merchandise, and create a desired atmosphere.

On the other hand, if the lighting design fails, the high-end shopping mall will look cheap, and the beautiful decoration will lose its luster and texture.

Do you have any trouble in such a mall?

Only see the top of a pile of lights bright, but the space is dark, those soft textures are not reflected, this kind of mall is difficult to obtain good sales.

Take a look at the lighting effects of Beijing SKP Mall:

The bright and comfortable atmosphere is unmistakable. The circular light is hidden in the unique square recesses of the ceiling. At the same time, a soft light strip is added on the inside of the lamp slot to illuminate the entire groove, showing a simple but not simple, rich texture. effect.

So, instead of doing all these activities, it would be better to do a good job of lighting and bring the shopping atmosphere to life. In this way, money will naturally roll!

So what exactly does the lighting design of the mall need to pay attention to? Let Xiao Bian come to answer everyone today!

This highlights the region: exterior walls, atriums.

Facade, initial temptation

When you come to a shopping mall, what comes first? Yes, it must be an external wall. Many times consumers are attracted by the gorgeous exterior walls, and this is probably because of the brilliant lighting.

LV was the earliest brand to use exterior lighting. Walls showed different plaid variations due to light. This strong visual impact allows people to see its gorgeous presence from far away.

The architectural design of the mall’s exterior walls will generally have different textures with varying rhythms. Therefore, when designing lighting, it must be based on the architectural texture.

▲Flowing colored rivers effectively demonstrate the three-dimensionality and texture of the buildings, while also indirectly attracting the passing population. (Guangzhou Wan Ling Hui)

The dynamic design of the curtain wall lighting is like a magnificent waterfall. At the far end, customers can feel the rushing momentum. Will you miss this scene? (Chengdu Longhu Jinnan Tianjie)

Atrium, giving more space

When entering a mall, the first thing that catches the eye is the atrium. A good atrium is undoubtedly of great significance for activating the atmosphere of space, organizing and enriching the space level, regulating the air circulation, and improving the quality and grade of the entire mall.

For the atrium, of course, the light can not be sloppy, if the lighting design fails, it will be very easy to the following situation:

Insufficient illumination, uneven light, and severe glare. Are you dare to go up in this atrium? (Note that the top few downlights are still bad…)

In the atrium, the consumer’s first vision is not “commodity” and “shelf”, but the “feeling” of the mall. These feelings are provided by the architectural design and the “combination” of the shops in which the lighting is provided. The role is to give customers the kind of shopping atmosphere.

▲The use of hidden light sockets to outline the outline of the atrium, so that the atrium space is rich and clever, this lighting design to help the mall to meet people’s visual enjoyment, quietly to the customer to the high floors, to create high-level commercial value. (Longhu Times Tianjie Phase II)

▲Luminaires are barely noticeable, while layered, intertwined light strips, breathable sky ceilings, and bumpy light-emitting treasure boxes guide sightlines and kinetic energy to the glass domes in the Atrium space, where giant layers gather together. The circle is illuminated, white, and rounded, as if it could focus all rising energy in the entire space into the center of heaven and earth.

Lights in the show space while combing and emphasizing the level and line, walk in the ring corridor, customers can clearly feel the flow and energy of the entire space. (Chengdu Longhu Jinnan Tianjie)

Light is the fourth kind of building material. Under the condition that the building space has been established, through the good design of light, the space can be made more suitable for the space atmosphere of the consumer shopping, thus bringing more sales performance to the shopping mall!







Myron Su Wechet