led track light application

Track light application places:
Large shopping malls, brand sales, museum display, building materials, decoration and other places to sell stores, boutiques, home improvement and other places;

Track light classification:
The single 1W high-power track light has the advantages of high light efficiency and low cost. The disadvantages are: light-shaped dispersion, indicating low. The power is generally in the 3-18W, the appearance of structural design is simpler
COB high-power track light: its advantages: Condensing and light effect is good, more suitable for optical design of high-end applications; power is generally 10-50W, appearance structure can be customized with space design style and lighting effects, high added value. Disadvantages: Compared to point light track lights, the cost is slightly higher.
Track lighting function:
(1) Lighting and energy saving
(2) attracting and attracting customers;
(3) Attracting the attention of shoppers;

(4) create a suitable environment atmosphere, improve and strengthen the store’s brand image;
(5) Creating a shopping atmosphere and mood to stimulate consumption;
(6) The merchandise display and texture are vivid and vivid with the most attractive light colors. The most basic store lighting can help retailers and stores reinforce the “trilogy” of “stopping power”, “attracting” and “persuasion” in the analysis of buying behavior. It is the prelude to the final purchase. As we pointed out in the section “Change Trends” in the first section, people have shifted from planning shopping to random impulse shopping, shifting from essential consumption to luxury consumption (any consumption beyond the necessary level). This shift is due to the economic richness and futurist Nesbit’s claim of high-tech compensation. As long as I like it, I would buy a home and go to “high emotions”. Maybe the family already has a few similarities. Use something. This is a bit like what sociologists often ridicule, saying that when a woman is shopping, she is often short-circuited, and she is obviously filled with 20 long skirts in her closet, but she still has to buy Article 21. Under such buying behaviors and purchasing psychological conditions, it is very important to use lighting to “pull” and “tempt” customers to create a charming shopping atmosphere.
Track light market prospects:
1, changes in trends
Based on the continued rapid development of China’s economy and the growth of high-income groups, combined with the penetration of the global business and culture driven by the Internet, the segmentation of the retail market, the associated forms and types of stores, and the pattern of people’s shopping consumption have taken place. The profound changes have generally shared common features with Europe and the United States. In terms of consumption patterns, from simple shopping to leisure, enjoying shopping; shifting from planned shopping to random impulse shopping. According to Somologist Sombart’s theory, this change trend is: the transition from essential consumption to luxury consumption (any consumption beyond the necessary level). In terms of shopping venues, from traditional department stores to large leisure plazas, shopping plazas (shops in shops), from traditional street shops to super-large supermarket chains, and from wide-ranging shops to single-product brand shops and shops Store change. In the process of transformation, two different trends have emerged: On the one hand, people go to large shopping malls to do a lot of shopping; on the other hand, they go to specialty stores and brand shops to entertain shopping. Within the scope of sociology, this trend can be summed up as “the alienation of purchase behavior”. That is to say, the psychological experience of enjoying, entertainment, and stimulating is the subject and the purchase itself becomes the object. The

2, the type of store
The result of this change and trend is to reclassify the type of store. According to Philips Lighting’s research in the European and Chinese markets, based on the four main variables of price level, internal design, product range and sales style, and summarized as “four-corner theory”, the store is summarized into four major categories.
From low to high are:
(1) Shops with cheap prices, simple goods display, and community service features;
(2) Shops with cheaper prices, more merchandise display, and self-service;
(3) There are certain grades, the price is more expensive, pay attention to the display and quality of the goods, pay attention to the decoration of the shop, shopping is a kind of enjoyment of the shop;
(4) High-grade, high-priced and expensive top-quality goods stores. It has a unique style-conscious environment and a high level of service to provide top-notch and extravagant goods. Such as Gucci, Zegna, Fendi, Diro, Cartier and other world’s top fashion and luxury boutiques. The
Based on the four-corner theory, the market segmentation model, the store, makes these four types of stores show their distinctive style, image and personality. In the concept of customers, the first two stores are very functional shops that are typically characterized by satisfying basic shopping behavior; the latter two, especially high-end brand stores, are characterized by fashion, elegance, and exquisiteness. , Satisfy the customer wants to seek fashion and stimulating psychology, express their own elegant taste.
It can be seen that retailers and stores have also fully realized the importance of store lighting and its indirect role in product sales. The track lights are precisely the highlights of commercial display products, creating the first choice for the environment, so more and more

Track light selection basic requirements:
Enhances the dramatic performance of light and shadow. For important merchandise, valuable merchandise, and displays, it is necessary to avoid the flattening and averaging of the brightness of the lighted merchandise, and there should be partial or spotlight lighting on the illuminated object. Push COB track spotlights. The
Window lighting is very important. To use the brightest lighting, there is a higher level of illumination. Therefore, when using LED track lights, we must use at least 20W high-power track lights.
Emphasize the color rendering index. In the initial investment and user costs allow, try to use light products with high color rendering, this is the premise to ensure the store has a rich and full color.






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