LED Jewelry Lighting System Solution

Jewelry lighting system solution


LED jewelry store special lighting system advantages

Jewelry lighting systems are more specialized than general store lighting, requiring the light of the fixture to shine the color of the jewelry. At the same time, it can reduce heat. Nowadays, the traditional light source can no longer meet the requirements of commercial people in jewelry lighting:

First, ultraviolet light is emitted from the illumination of a conventional light source;

Secondly, the color rendering of conventional light sources is not high and there is a large amount of heat dissipation during operation;

Again, traditional light sources consume a lot of electricity, and electricity bills are an important factor for jewelers.

The LED lighting special lighting products solve the above problems:

1. The LED light source used in jewelry lighting products is itself a cold light source, and the emitted light does not have any heat.

2. When LED jewellery products are in operation, the heat generated during the electro-optical conversion process is much smaller than that of conventional lighting products.

3. The light of the LED light source is determined by the wavelength, so the light does not contain ultraviolet light and infrared rays, and will not cause damage to the jewelry.

4. LED jewellery lighting products have high color rendering, pure light color, and illuminate the color of jewelry.

5. LED lighting is currently the lowest energy consumption in the market.


Jewelry store overall lighting design points



Jewelry overall lighting design

Jewelry is a luxury, and the decoration of the jewelry store is generally the most beautiful and noble style. Some jewelers generally pay attention to the brightness of the light when decorating the storefront or the counter. They only consider whether the overall feeling of the store can be gorgeous and magnificent, but ignore the proportion distribution of the light source, so that there is no difference between the main body and the non-subject of the sale. .

The lighting performance of some jewellery products is too strong, changing the look and feel of some gems, which is far from the performance under natural light. The lighting demonstration that leads to the jewel in the window is the same, and it takes a level to go out under normal lighting. It should be avoided that the performance of the lights in the store is too different from the number of grades in which the jewelry is professionally rated.


The specialization of jewelry store lighting, in the design according to different jewelry characteristics to use different specifications of the lighting system design principles, all require lighting designers to cooperate with professional LED lighting suppliers, in full understanding of LED light source performance Make a choice under the conditions. The supplier of the light source must also carefully consider the principles to be followed by the lighting system. Therefore, the design difficulty of the jewelry-specific lighting system lies in how to let the lighting designer find the LED light source supplier that has enough strength to meet its design requirements, and how to make the supplier fully understand the requirements of the lighting design and manufacture according to these requirements. A suitable jewelry lighting product.

Jewelry showcase lighting design points



Jewelry showcase lighting design points

The lighting of the showcase can be divided into the lighting of the cabinet and the lighting above the showcase, and the lighting of the two. Regardless of the type of lighting, it is designed in conjunction with the type of jewelry displayed in the showcase.

The first-ever showcases use full-spectrum incandescent lamps for good color rendering. It is generally considered to be the most suitable light source. However, since 1996, it has been found that the removal of interference spectra at 15 nm and 580 nm will allow jewelry to be more displayed. So by introducing LEDs into jewelry lighting and selecting their spectra, you can illuminate different types of jewelry to achieve better results. In addition, LED lights are solid-state packages and are of the cold light source type. Therefore, it is very convenient to transport and install, can be installed in any miniature and closed equipment, is not afraid of vibration, basically does not need to consider heat dissipation. Therefore, jewellery into cabinets began to use a large number of LED lighting equipment.

Gold, platinum, silver, diamonds and other jewellery are relatively small in size and require high enough brightness to be noticeable. These are all based on the reflection of light, paying attention to the direction of light incidence, so that the reflected “sparkle point” stimulation The customer’s eyes; the specular reflectance of precious metal surfaces such as gold is 500 nm, the reflectivity is only 50%, and at 600 nm, the reflectance can reach 92%. Therefore, when setting the spectral distribution of the illumination source, a larger value from 600 nm to 650 n can be selected.

Jewelry made of jade, crystal, etc., needs to highlight the exquisite and glossy luster, and the brightness requirement is relatively low. Ordinary jade can take a color temperature of about 3200K, which is biased towards red and yellow. A continuous spectrum of 2800K-3200K color temperature can be used, but under such color temperature conditions, the real high-grade jadeite is difficult to stand out. The color temperature of high-grade jadeite needs to be between 4500K and 5500K, and the color rendering property requires Ra>90, and a light source with a wide spectral range is used.

There are many varieties of colored gemstones, and the same gemstones are also extremely rich in color. The color of colored gemstones is observed in a low color temperature environment. At this time, the yellow color of the light will increase the red, purple, yellow, yellow and green warm gemstones. Color level. Under strong light, observe the colored gems that are colored by chrome and iron. Under the strong ultraviolet light, it will emit red fluorescence, which will make the color of ruby ​​and emerald become bright and bright. Only by understanding the cause of the jewels can the desired band and spectral distribution be determined.

In the lighting of different jewellery, we must pay attention to the matching of light and color. Gold can be illuminated with a cold glass; silver should be illuminated with a solar cup. Need to know more about store lighting, please contact Shenzhen Ansen Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. to focus on high-end commercial lighting.

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