Ansen Teach you how to choose a downlight?

The advantages of LED downlights have long been widely recognized. However, not all LED downlights can take on the main task of your project. The selection is not “look at the price, look at the style, almost on the line!” As a key link, it directly restricts the success or failure of the project after its completion. Therefore, as an owner, designer, or buyer, you should develop a pair of eye-catching eyes, identifying the best of LED downlights, and finding the right model for your project.

So, how do you choose to face the wide variety of LED downlights on the market?

First, the classification of LED downlight selection
1, the initial determination of the installation method
When selecting lamps (especially downlights), determining the installation method should be the first step in the selection process. From the installation level, downlights are divided into embedded downlights and surface mounted downlights. In general, the use of an embedded downlight is more appropriate in a space with a lower floor height because it can stretch the height of the ceiling in the visual and avoid the sense of persecution. For those tall and high-rise high-level areas (such as airport check-in islands, central halls, waiting rooms, etc.), the use of surface mounted downlights is more common.

2, the choice of size
Downlights can usually be sized to 2 inches to 8 inches in size (diameter). It is worth noting that the height of the lamp body is also a very important parameter, depending on the ceiling thickness of your project. For example, in a low space (H: 2.8-3.4m) represented by hotel rooms, offices, and homes, ceilings are usually relatively thin. It is recommended to select a downlight with a lamp body height of less than 8 cm. It is best to be between 2 inches and 4 inches.

For tall buildings with heights of between 7m and 20m, such as airport terminals and large shopping malls, the size of the downlights will be less (5-inch to 8-inch, or even larger sizes). The height of the lamp body, which is substantially higher, can also be adapted to the ceiling of such a place (the ceiling is sufficiently thick). However, the power requirement for downlights is relatively higher. For example, in the Guanyin Airport project in Xuzhou, the 60W LED downlight (store height of 10m to 20m) is used in the central hall of the check-in island.

Xuzhou Guanyin Airport Check-in Island Central Hall

Second, choose the key parameter indicators: view the performance parameters of the optical quality level
Mainly concerned with the three indicators of color rendering index, light efficiency, and color temperature. The formal lighting company will give these parameter values ​​in the product specification.

(1) Light efficiency
At present, high-quality downlights can achieve 85lm/W of light efficiency (such as the series of LED downlights of the sound-floating photovoltaic); and the color rendering index is better than Ra ≥ 80 (otherwise, the color rendering is too low, which will cause many operations. Error); Service life requirement is at least 30,000 hours or more (downlight of LED light source can usually be achieved, and downlight series of SoundFloat can maintain more than 50,000 hours).

(2) Color Rendering Index
This is an important indicator for evaluating the color rendering ability of a downlight on an object, with a value of 0-100. The larger the value, the closer the response of the downlight to the color of the object is to the true color. The general requirement is above 80 and above 90 indicates that the color rendering is very good.

(3) color temperature
The color temperature link is absolutely negligible, and the difference in color temperature can be described as a difference. Warm color temperature (2500K or so) gives a warm feeling, suitable for hotels and bedrooms; neutral color temperature (3500K-4500K white light) applies to the office area, brings a sense of rationality, calmness, lucidity; cool color temperature (5000K or more) Gives people a sense of coolness and is used in museums and other special occasions.

Third, the product’s “comprehensive quality” considerations
1, check to 3C, CE certification and other certification
Focus on 3C certification here. The downlights represented by the recessed downlights are included in the national compulsory product certification list, and must pass the 3C certification and be affixed with the 3C mark before they can be sold on the market. Only through 3C certification can it be shown that the product meets the national standards of electrical and mechanical safety requirements and can be used safely. In addition, GB, ISO9001, CE certification is also very critical, these are the elements that must not be ignored when selecting!

2. Check whether the nameplate tag information is complete
National laws and national standards require that LED downlights be marked with the following contents: rated power, applicable ambient temperature, mounting surface materials, and source markings.

3, view the protection level, and environmental applicable information
You need to pay attention to the downlight protection level (IP20 is generally used for indoor projects). In addition, some downlights have special environmental performance, such as special waterproof, anti-fog and other (hotel room requirements), this type of downlight is usually designed for deep cavity anti-fog, can be used in a humid environment for a long time, can be used in hotel rooms , Bathroom downlights.

In general, downlights have advantages such as high appearance and ceiling conformity, ease of installation, and uniform distribution of light sources, which are popular in airport terminals, hotel lighting, and commercial lighting.

From the above, we have also learned about the proper selection of LED downlights, combined with the key elements of the selected downlights, considering the actual conditions of the project, we hope everyone can pick a suitable LED downlight for the project.








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